Ending download service via the Continuata app for legacy Sonica Instruments Kontakt Full libraries

Please note that this change does not apply to our newer NA edition products.

We completed the release of NA editions (which offer full NKS and Native Access support) for all our Virtuoso Japanese Series libraries in August 2021. We also ended sales and development of our legacy Kontakt Full products at that time.

Providing libraries via Native Access makes for a better user experience as well as makes it easier for us to update and improve our products. In keeping with this, we will be discontinuing our library download service via the Continuata app as of December 31, 2022.


Affected products

  • Koto 13 (Kontakt Full version)
  • Tsugaru Shamisen (Kontakt Full version)
  • Shakuhachi (Kontakt Full version)
  • Sho (Kontakt Full version)

This change does not affect any products (NA editions) installed via Native Access. You can continue to re-download/reinstall NA editions as usual.

Users of the products listed above will not be able to re-download libraries using Continuata once the download service ends. Therefore, we strongly recommend that users of these products back up their libraries. This will ensure you can continue to use your libraries in the future should you change computers.

Note that this change affects only the download service. We will continue to provide technical support for legacy products.

We thank you for your understanding. As a developer of Japanese instrument libraries, Sonica Instruments is committed to continually improving our products and support services to provide a better experience to all customers. Again, we greatly appreciate your business and your support.


Using Legacy Products after the Download Service Ends

You can continue to use your libraries after December 31, 2022.

However, since you will no longer be able to re-download your libraries via Continuata, we strongly recommend that you back up your library data before the download service ends.

By copying your libraries, you can continue to use them without limitation when you change or upgrade computers. 

See our blog post for details on how to back up your library data.



Special NA Edition Upgrade Offer

We are offering owners of Kontakt Full libraries specially priced upgrades to migrate to the corresponding NA editions.

In addition, in the coming months we plan to refresh our entire line of NA edition libraries for free, including a new Groove Player feature. So we encourage all Kontakt Full library owners to take advantage of this special offer.

Order your upgrade packages from the page below.


Special upgrade pricing

  • Koto 13 Version 2 NA edition: $52.00 (regularly $260)
  • Shakuhachi NA edition: $26.00 (regularly $260)
  • Sho NA edition: $26.00 (regularly $260)
  • Tsugaru Shamisen NA edition: $26.00 (regularly $260)

Note: You can only order upgrades for legacy products you already own.

Contact us through our technical support page below if you have any questions.