Complete Your Collection Offer Exclusively for Virtuoso Japanese Series Users

If you own any of the Virtuoso Japanese Series products,
with this offer you can buy all remaining titles in the series as a single purchase to complete your collection at a special discounted price.

Eligible Products

This special offer lets you buy as a single purchase all the titles listed below that you do not currently own to complete your Virtuoso Japanese Series collection.


SHO ・SHAKUHACHI ・TSUGARU SHAMISEN ・Groove Inspirations Vol.1 for KOTO 13

Groove Inspirations Vol.1 for TSUGARU SHAMISEN

Complete Your Collection Pricing

The pricing to complete your collection depends on which titles you currently own. Place a checkmark beside all Sonica Instruments products you currently own to see both the price to purchase all remaining titles as well as your savings.

Please note that this offer applies only to the NA editions* of our products. If you own a legacy KONTAKT Full (NKI) edition, you will need to upgrade to the corresponding NA edition in addition to purchasing the remaining titles. If you own a KONTAKT Full (NKI) edition, check the appropriate check boxes in Part 2 — For owners of KONTAKT Full (NKI) editions. When you finish this step, the displayed discounted price will include your NA edition upgrade(s).

*NA edition refers to Sonica Instruments products that support Native Access and NKS. All products purchased in or after August 2021 are NA editions. If you are unsure which edition you have, please contact our customer support.

Applying for the Complete Your Collection Offer

Read the instructions and terms and conditions below and then apply to complete your collection using the application form above.

1. Check the check boxes of all titles that you currently own.
2. Enter your name and email address.

After verifying your application, registration details, and purchase history, we will send you instructions by email on how to finish your purchase at the discounted price.

Terms and Conditions

  • Complete Your Collection pricing is available only if you buy all titles you do not own as a single purchase. You cannot purchase titles individually with this offer.

  • In the case that your application details do not match our records, please understand we may contact you to verify your product serial codes and purchase history.

  • If one or more of the products you own are KONTAKT Full editions, these products will be automatically upgraded to the corresponding NA edition(s) as part of the offer’s discounted price. You can continue to use your KONTAKT Full edition after upgrading, but in this case, you will not be able to manage your product via Native Access and the product will not support NKS.

  • Please note that this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount, or sale.

If the Auto-Reply Confirmation Email Doesn’t Arrive

After applying for the Complete Your Collection offer, an auto-reply confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered on the form. If the email does not arrive after a few minutes, it is likely one of the following happened.

The wrong email address was entered

Please check again to ensure your email address was entered correctly. If you notice that your email address was wrong after submitting the form, please resubmit the form with your correct address.

The email was sent to your spam folder

Please check your spam folder. Emails may be sent automatically to your spam folder even when no spam settings have been made.
If the confirmation email has still not arrived after checking the above, please contact us at our support address.

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