TSUGARU SHAMISEN Groove Bundle Vol.1

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Main Features

  • Grab both the TSUGARU SHAMISEN library, which faithfully reproduces all the subtleties of the tsugaru shamisen, and the Groove Inspirations Vol. 1 for TSUGARU SHAMISEN collection of MIDI phrases created exclusively for the TSUGARU SHAMISEN library
  • Aids your musical productions with MIDI data demonstrating the articulations and key switches that bring out the library’s full character and expressiveness
  • Contains ready-to-use loops and dramatic fills, with the flexibility of MIDI data to easily compose your own phrases
  • TSUGARU SHAMISEN’s Groove Browser lets you preview MIDI phrases and import them directly into your DAW



The Virtuoso Japanese SeriesTSUGARU SHAMISEN library is certain to enliven nearly every genre of music, from Japanese minyo folk songs to hard rock, jazz, contemporary classical music, and movie scores.

Data size

  • NCW 6.95 GB (equivalent to 17.6 GB in wav format)

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Groove Inspirations Vol. 1 for TsUGARU SHAMISEN

The tsugaru shamisen is renowned for its dynamic sound and subtle tonal variations. This MIDI pack showcases the full potential of the TSUGARU SHAMISEN library while letting you explore all kinds of musical styles.

  • Over 500 phrases, from traditional and well-known tsugaru shamisen tunes to phrases composed specifically for this pack

  • Complete renditions of five classic songs, including Jonkara Bushi and Yosare Bushi

  • 19 original compositions (each with 16 patterns), featuring a mix of straight and shuffle-time pieces

  • Lots of loops and dramatic fills

  • Original phrases range in tempo from 102 to 160 bpm

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