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All Virtuoso Japanese Series titles, bundled with 8 products.

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Main Feature

  • All Virtuoso Japanese Series titles, bundled
  • Stellar tone colors captured in full 24-bit, 96 kHz fidelity.
  • Samples recorded with multiple microphones.
  • NKS ready.


KOTO 13 Version 2

The 13-string koto is one of Japan’s most dignified traditional instruments.

Capable of everything from elegant, single plucked notes to aggressive glissandos, the koto boasts a wide range of musical expressions and can add a dash of refinement and grace to traditional Japanese music, modern film scores, and many other genres.

【Data size】

  • NCW 9.2 GB(equivalent to 10.84 GB in wav format)

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The library can naturally be used on its own. But when combined with other titles from the Virtuoso Japanese Series — such as KOTO 13, KOTO 17, or SHAKUGACHI — as well as orchestral instruments, KOTO 20 can complete a rich and broad ensemble.

【Data size】

  • NCW 11.2 GB(equivalent to 24.88 GB in wav format)

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Naturally, KOTO 17 can be used as a solo instrument. But it complements the 13-string koto and shakuhachi extraordinarily well, making it an essential component in both classical and contemporary Japanese music circles. 

And when paired with other titles from the Virtuoso Japanese Series, such as KOTO 13, KOTO 20, or SHAKUHACHI, KOTO 17 can complete an incredibly powerful ensemble.

【Data size】

  • NCW 14.97 GB(equivalent to 33.26 GB in wav format)

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The sanshin, more than any other instrument, symbolizes Okinawan and Yaeyama music. The three-string instrument has had a tremendous influence on the rustic and earthy folk songs of Yaeyama and Ryukyu as well as on eisa folk dancing, pop music, and even rock.

Besides capturing the raw sounds with absolute fidelity, we spent considerable time researching the SANSHIN and enhancing the library to allow performers to personalize the instrument to their taste.

【Data size】

  • NCW 29 GB(equivalent to 57 GB in wav format)

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Seven years have passed since we released the incredibly popular Kabuki & Noh Percussion library.

Over this time, we have gradually upgraded and expanded our large collection of recordings and samples of percussion instruments featured in Kabuki and Noh theater.

We are now finally releasing this work as a massive upgrade entitled KABUKI & NOH PERCUSSION 96k MASTER EDITION — a Kontakt library with full-on professional specs and Sonica Instrument’s unparalleled quality.

KABUKI & NOH PERCUSSION 96k MASTER EDITION puts the sounds of Japan in the hands of all music creators.

【Data size】

  • NCW 19 GB(equivalent to 40 GB in wav format)

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The sho is free reed musical instrument and one of the three primary woodwind instruments used in gagaku court orchestra music. Consisting of 17 slender bamboo pipes, it is sometimes said to resemble a resting phoenix because of its shape. In antiquity, the sho’s fluid tonal character was associated with light shining down from the heavens.

After completing the world’s first comprehensive sho sampling, Sonica Instruments is proud to add the SHO library to the Virtuoso Japanese Series.

【Data size】

  • NCW 2.38 GB(equivalent to 3.15 GB in wav format)

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Singing sonorous intonation, deep yet delicate breathing, and a Japanese sound aesthetic spilling into the periphery: The SHAKUHACHI — an instrument symbolic of Japan — finally joins the Virtuoso Japanese Series family.

【Data size】

  • NCW 5.71 GB(equivalent to 11.4 GB in wav format)

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The Virtuoso Japanese SeriesTSUGARU SHAMISEN library is certain to enliven nearly every genre of music, from Japanese minyo folk songs to hard rock, jazz, contemporary classical music, and movie scores.

【Data size】

  • NCW 6.95 GB(equivalent to 17.6 GB in wav format)

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