Warning: Fake websites offering Sonica Instruments products

We have confirmed lately an increasing number of fake online stores making fraudulent use of Sonica Instruments product names, images, and descriptions to deceive potential customers with offers of significantly lower prices.

Attempting to make a purchase at fake online stores or sites may result in you not receiving the product despite paying for it and/or having your private/financial information stolen and misused.


Sonica Instruments products are currently only available for purchase at the following three sites.

• The Sonica Instruments official store (this site)

• SONICWIRE (https://sonicwire.com) [Japanese market only]

• Miyagi Shokai (https://shop.miyaji.co.jp/) [Japanese market only]


Never try to purchase our products on any other site, as it is certainly fake.

If you do by accident become a victim of one of these fake sites, report the fraud immediately to your credit card company, bank, or financial institution. Also, report the incident to your local cybercrime, anti-fraud, or consumer-protection agency.

Please understand that Sonica Instruments cannot accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever regarding problems arising between customers and fraudulent / unauthorized stores.