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Manual Download

SHO - Virtuoso Japanese Series
sho e
English (PDF/2.9MB)
sho ja
Japanese (PDF/3.1MB)
SHAKUHACHI - Virtuoso Japanese Series
shakuhachi e
English (PDF/4.7MB)
shakuhahci j
Japanese (PDF/4.8MB)
TSUGARU SHAMISEN - Virtuoso Japanese Series
tsugaru e
English (PDF/10MB)
tsugaru j
Japanese (PDF/10.2MB)
KOTO 13 - Virtuoso Japanese Series
koto13 e
English (PDF/3.7MB)
koto13 j
Japanese (PDF/3.8MB)
KABUKI & NOH Percussion Manual knp
English (PDF/3MB)
Japanese (PDF/3MB)
Japanese Taiko Percussion Manual jtp en
English (PDF/2.51MB)
jtp jp
Japanese (PDF/2.38MB)
GROOVES for Japanese Taiko Percussion Manual grooves en
English (PDF/1.06MB)
grooves jp
Japanese (PDF/1.08MB)
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