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The most comprehensive premium Japanese percussion library rises again.

Virtuoso Japanese Series

Retail price:$320

Performed by Takinojo Mochizuki


Seven years have passed since we released the incredibly popular Kabuki & Noh Percussion library.

Over this time, we have gradually upgraded and expanded our large collection of recordings and samples of percussion instruments featured in Kabuki and Noh theater.

We are now finally releasing this work as a massive upgrade entitled Kabuki & Noh Percussion 96k Master Edition — a Kontakt library with full-on professional specs and Sonica Instrument’s unparalleled quality.

Kabuki & Noh Percussion 96k Master Edition puts the sounds of Japan in the hands of all music creators.

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Main Features

  • NKS ready and Kontakt Player compatible
  • Contains 65 types of percussion instruments — virtually every percussion instrument known in Kabuki and Noh theater — in 96 kHz / 24-bit high resolution
  • Each instrument has been recorded in a rich multi-mic setting, with Direct 1, Direct 2, Overhead, Room, and Stereo Mix channels available (the sample data is equivalent to about 40 GB in wav format or about 20 GB in NCW format)
  • Features two newly-recorded bonus libraries: a library of hayashi ensemble kakegoe calls and a library of Nohkan flute phrases
  • Individually recorded left-hand and right-hand hits are sampled alternately with up to 100 velocity layers to create extremely realistic dynamics and roll expressions
  • 20 preset kits, each with a carefully selected assortment of instruments loaded in 16 instrument slots
  • 144 authentic hayashi percussion grooves (MIDI patterns)
  • The built-in Instrument Editor gives full control over tuning and tone without any loss in sound quality or instrument timbre
  • The Instrument Mixer lets you create your own fine mixes for individual instruments
  • Includes impulse responses from a Noh theater renowned among Noh musicians for its acoustics

 Retail price: $320 (sales tax separate)
 Available as a download and as a boxed version
 (Both versions require you to download and install the library)


Kabuki & Noh Percussion 96k Master Edition is our first library to support NKS and Kontakt Player. Now more creators than ever have access to a professional-quality library of Japanese percussion instruments.

96 kHz / 24-bit high-fidelity samples Rich, high-resolution samples of virtually every percussion instrument known to Kabuki and Noh theater

The original Kabuki & Noh Percussion (BFD format) software library covered many Kabuki and Noh theater percussion instruments. Over the seven years since its release, we have made fresh, powerful recordings with even higher sound quality of the Nohkan flute, kakegoe calls, and ashibyoushi foot stomps on a Noh stage.

Kabuki & Noh Percussion 96k Master Edition contains over 60 instruments with uncompromising specs — 96 kHz / 24-bit high resolution with multiple mic channels — for an even larger audience of music creators.

180812 0079

The full expressive power of the kotsuzumi hand drum unleashed for the first time ever

The kotsuzumi is best known for its distinctive pon sound, but the instrument in fact harbors a rich palette of expressions. In addition to providing the crisp pon, pu, chi, ta, and pe percussive taps, the library lets you use a velocity controller for full control over nuanced portamento slides that are created by squeezing and releasing the drum’s cords.

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Recreating the inherent expressiveness of each instrument

Taking the shimedaiko for example, we captured left-hand and right-hand hits separately. But we also included all key articulations native to the shimedaiko, such as the tsuke effect, where bachi sticks strike and then rest on the drum head.

180812 0231

Recreates famed spooky passages

The odaiko can express the wind, snow, water, and other natural elements as well as the inner thoughts and feelings of actors on stage. It can even imitate the spookiness of a ghost’s entrance. The Master Edition features odaiko articulations played with nagabachi (long, tapered sticks for sound effects) and yukibai (a special stick to imitate the sound of snow), giving music producers the scope to recreate every nuance of the odaiko in Kabuki.

The clatter and rattle of Kabuki

The library includes tsukeuchi sound-effect clappers, which heighten the effect of actors’ dramatic poses, and resounding ashibyoushi and hyoushigi foot stomps. Recreate complete Kabuki performances from before the first curtain to after the final curtain.

The sound of the Noh stage

We added new recordings of ashibyoushi performed on the stage of a Noh theater. Immediately summon up an atmosphere of tension with just a single sound.

A wealth of rare instruments

The collection contains many rare instruments, such as the ekiro (a doughnut-shaped horse bell), orgol (a music box), matsumushi (a small flat gong), fusegane (an altar gong), hontsurigane (a large bell), and other Kabuki sound effects.

180812 0079

Two newly-recorded bonus libraries of kakegoe calls and Nohkan flute phrases

We extended the library’s content to be the definitive library of hayashi ensemble sounds.

Voices of Kabuki & Noh contains a wide collection of real hayashi kakegoe calls, while Nohkan Flute is packed with quintessential Nohkan phrases.

All samples in both libraries have been newly recorded for this release, so you can build the most complete hayashi ensemble possible.

Bonus Library 1

knp Voice of Kabuki  Noh


A library of kakegoe calls essential to any Kabuki or Noh hayashi performance
The library contains “ya” calls, such as iyoh and yohi, and “ha” calls, like hou and ha, each performed by two taiko performers, two ohtsuzumi performers, and two kotsuzumi performers, for a total of six versions of each call. The collection is topped off by gorgeous unison calls by all the musicians for the most complete compilation of kakegoe performances ever.

Bonus Library 2

knp Nohkan Flute of Kabuki  Noh

Nohkan Flute Phrases

A virtual encyclopedia of Nohkan flute phrases
This library features well-known hishigi, netori, ashirai, and nanori phrases as well as numerous passages from such musical works as ranjo, chunomai, kyogen kakko, maiji, gaku, abare, iwato, sarashi, hayafue, and kakeri.

Impulse responses from a Noh theater with superb acoustics

The library contains impulse responses from a Noh theater renowned among Noh musicians for its acoustics. The impulse responses are used with the built-in convolution reverb function. There are two responses: one from the stage and one from the audience seats.


20 preset kits, each with a carefully selected assortment of instruments loaded in 16 slots

Kabuki & Noh Percussion 96k Master Edition has 16 instrument slots. The preset kits let you quickly load instruments in the slots for specific musical contexts. For example, you can load a kit with instruments specifically for the Kabuki stage, a kit with instruments specifically for the Noh stage, or a kit with Kabuki sound effects.

Naturally, you can edit any preset kit and arrange instruments to your liking.

knp 16 slots


Exceptionally realistic dynamics and roll expressions

Separately recorded left-hand and right-hand hits are sampled alternately with up to 100 velocity layers for very natural-sounding dynamics and roll expressions.

180812 0352

180812 0124

Instrument Editor gives full control over tuning and tone of each instrument

The Instrument Editor’s controls let you precisely adjust the tone of each instrument without affecting the sonic quality of the percussive attack transients. For example, you can re-pitch the instrument or adjust the strength of the attack transient. This gives you the ability to endlessly modify instrument colors to your liking, with no loss in the rich high-resolution sound quality.

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Individual instrument mixers

The Instrument Mixer provides fine adjustments of the five microphone channels — Direct 1, Direct 2, Overhead, Room, and Stereo Mix —for each instrument. The mixer gives you full freedom over the mix balance to suit any situation. You can also insert compression and EQ on the instrument’s master mix bus.

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144 authentic hayashi percussion grooves (MIDI patterns)

The library comes packed with exclusive hayashi ensemble grooves (MIDI patterns) often heard in Kabuki.
Grooves can be accessed in two ways.
1. Audition a groove on the Groove Browser and drag and drop the groove on a MIDI track in your DAW.
2. MIDI assign grooves and play them on a MIDI keyboard.

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buyRecorded instruments

Taiko drum series

Odaiko (Gakudaiko) - Nagabachi
KNPI001 gakudaiko1
Odaiko (Gakudaiko) - Yukibai
KNPI002 gakudaiko2 yukipng
Shimedaiko - Futobachi
KNPI004 shimedaiko futo-bachi
Shimedaiko - Hosobachi
KNPI005 shimedaiko hoso-bachi
Ohtsuzumi 1
KNPI006 ohtsuzumi1
Ohtsuzumi 2
KNPI007 ohtsuzumi2 
Kotsuzumi 1
KNPI008 kotsuzumi1 
Kotsuzumi 2
KNPI009 kotsuzumi2 
Daibyoushi - Bamboo stick
KNPI010 daibyoushi1 bamboo
Daibyoushi (low tuning) - Hosobachi
KNPI011 daibyoushi2 Hoso low
KNPI012 okedo
Mamedaiko - Large and small pair
KNPI017 mamedaiko 1-2
Uchiwadaiko - Extra large
KNPI013 uchiwadaiko low
Uchiwadaiko - Large
KNPI014 uchiwadaiko2 md
Uchiwadaiko - Medium
KNPI015 uchiwadaiko3 h-mid
Uchiwadaiko - Small
KNPI016 uchiwadaiko4 high

Bells, gongs, and cymbals

Matsumushi - Low pitch, Matsumushi - High pitch
KNPI045 matsumushi
Atarigane - Held
KNPI037 atarigane hand
Atarigane - Hanging
KNPI038 atagigane hang
KNPI039 konchiki

Metallic percussion instruments

Hontsurigane - Shumoku
hontsurigane hoso
Hontsurigane - Kizuchi
hontsurigane dai
Dora 1 - Large
dora l
Dora 2 - Small
dora s
Kin 1 - Large
kin l
Kin 2 - Medium
kin m
Kin 3 - Small
kin s

Wooden percussion instruments

Hyoushigi 1 - Hall recording
Hyoushigi 2 - Studio recording
Mokugyo - Large, medium, and small
Mokushou - Large, medium, and small
Binzasara 1
Binzasara 2 - Kokirikobushi

Stage sound effects

Ashibyoushi - Kabuki
KNPI048 ashibyoushi kabuki
Ashibyoushi - Noh
KNPI049 ashibyoushi noh
Tsukeuchi 1 - Hall recording
Tsukeuchi 2 - Studio recording

Kakegoe calls

Kakegoe Taiko 1
Kakegoe Taiko 2
Kakegoe Ohtsuzumi 1
Kakegoe Ohtsuzumi 2
Kakegoe Kotsuzumi 1
Kakegoe Kotsuzumi 2
Kakegoe Trio A
Kakegoe Trio

Nohkan flute phrases

Nohkan 1
Nohkan 2


Native Instruments Kontakt 5.7.3 or newer
Kontakt Player compatible
NKS ready
Operating system requirements
Mac OS X 10.10 or newer
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
A minimum of 4 GB of RAM (16 GB is recommended) is needed on both Mac and Windows systems.
Data size
~20 GB in NCW format (equivalent to ~40 GB in wav format)
Hayashi ensemble supervision, percussion performances, kakegoe calls, and MIDI drumming: Takinojo Mochizuki
Nohkan flute performances: Hyakushichi Fukuhara and Makoto Takei
Kakegoe calls: Yusuke Kawashima and Kisaburo Katada
180812 0135

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