Sound Technology & Engineering


Sonica Instrumentsプロダクトはその提案のひとつ。楽器が持つ繊細な音をマイクロフォンで忠実に集音することから始まり、虚飾の無い、かつ音楽的な音質調整を経て波形マテリアル化、さらにソフトシンセサイザー・エンジンへの実装、楽器としてのリアルなレスポンスを追求するプログラミングを経てひとつのソフト音源になり得ます。











ソラソレ堂では例えばYAMAHA TLFスピーカなどのサウンドサイネージ商品の用途提案とともに”最も重要な”サウンドコンテンツを自社で制作、シーンに最適な音コンテンツを提供できます。




  • ショッピングモール、商業施設(屋外・屋内)、イベント会場
  • 駅、空港、バス停
  • 水族館・プラネタリウム・美術館
  • 遊園地などアミューズメント施設
  • 公共施設:図書館エントランス送迎音、館内ナビゲーション、会議室
  • 福祉施設、医療施設、学校:食堂・ロビーなど音声案内、チャイム、BGM
  • オフィスビル:エントランス、休憩室、社員食堂、来客ロビー、会議室
  • システムサウンド



Sound Technology & Engineering

We offer our clients new value in sound by tapping into our precision waveform editing technology, our research into sound behavior as part of original instrument sampling work, and our extensive technological expertise and know-how accumulated over years of sound consulting and development for electronic instrument manufacturers.A prime example of how we apply our sound technology and engineering is our line of Sonica Instruments products. These sample-based instruments are the result of a meticulous process that begins with faithfully collecting every subtle sound of an instrument with banks of microphones. The captured raw audio data are massaged musically, but free of any affectation, to form the basic waveforms. The waveforms are then formatted for the target software synthesizer or engine and finally programmed to respond just like a real instrument. MIDI programming is also essential for realistic reproduction of the instrument in performance. Only after integrating the sound library and performance data (in MIDI or other formats) can we offer a software instrument that has true musical value.

At the same time, we specialize in creating completely unworldly sounds and imaginary instruments. These are created either by manipulating real-world sound sources or by synthesizing sounds digitally. Besides their use in music, these captivating sounds can be used in living environments as home appliance control tones or audible feedback for screen touches and gestures. On a broader scale, these sounds can dream up imaginary spaces in empty rooms or help you chill out in a noisy city.

While software instruments and artificial soundscapes may seem like completely different applications, the underlying concepts and techniques are the same. Every application is based on high-resolution sound synthesis, and the common goal is how sound is perceived and realized.

Fundamental to this work is avoiding overreliance on acoustical or theoretical data. When searching for a good sound for a particular application, asking yourself “Why does this particular sound occur?” or “Why can I hear that particular sound?” is the way to elevating your creative ability in expressing sounds. Suffice to say, musical instruments, themselves, contain thousands of clues for understanding sound. Consequently, we judge the final quality of a sound by how musical it is.

Our expertise is equally applicable to instrument development and soundscape development.


Custom instrument development

Custom software-based instruments
Built-in sound sources for synthesizers, electric pianos, and other electronic instruments

Soundscape development:

Soundscapes are also known as environmental sounds or sound environments.
We develop sound content for specific places, buildings, and the people who live and work these environments.


  • Shopping malls, commercial spaces (indoor and outdoor), event sites
    Thematic and sound coloration (for differentiation or branding purposes)
    Route guidance, area guidance, entrances, food courts, rest areas, parking lots, etc.
  • Office buildings
    Entrances, rest areas, company cafeterias, waiting lobbies, etc.
  • Art galleries and libraries
    Greeting and departure sounds at entrances/exits, gallery guidance, rest areas, vending machine lobbies
  • Welfare facilities, medical institutions, schools
    Cafeterias, lobbies, audio assistance, chimes, background music
  • Train stations, airports, bus terminals
    Route guidance, area guidance, entrances, food courts, rest areas, etc.
  • System sounds
    Software-based system sounds and control tones for automobiles, household appliances, game consoles, toys, and other hardware. The sounds we provide make devices easier to use, make interiors more comfortable to live in, and add prestige to products.